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Statement on Micro Plastic in Bottled Water

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The safety and quality of our products is our priority. We assure consumers that our bottled waters are safe to drink. Our testing meets all Health Canada’s requirements for bottled water. We tested the bottled water that we sell for the presence of microplastics using state of the art devices and techniques. To date, we have not found microplastics in our bottled water products beyond trace level. This is an emerging area of science and as it evolves, we will continue to work with Health Canada and their experts to ensure our products continue to meet their requirements.

Recent scientific investigations show that microplastics can be present in the natural environment and may even be ingested through the air we breathe. As is the case for many of such emerging topics, robust evidence is lacking on the potential impact of microplastics on human health and whether a safe level of exposure needs to be determined. No regulatory body has set safety limits on microplastics in products intended for human consumption.

As scientific developments occur in this emerging topic we are ready to collaborate with others to further develop the scientific standardization of testing methods for microplastics and provide greater assurance for consumers.