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Ontario Environment Ministry Renews BlueTriton’s Operating Permits

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PUSLINCH, ON -- On Nov. 15, 2021, after a lengthy period of expert studies, reviews and public consultations, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks renewed the operating permits of Triton Water Canada Holdings Inc., (operating as BlueTriton Brands Inc.) for its Erin and Puslinch, Ontario, sites for five years. The Company issued the following statement today in response.

We are pleased the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks reaffirmed BlueTriton Brand’s bottled water operations in Ontario continue to meet the highest standards of environmental sustainability and responsible stewardship of this vital resource.

We are proud of our 22-year history of protecting the environment in Wellington County while supporting our communities as a responsible employer and contributor to local organizations -- throughout the pandemic, our team worked tirelessly to donate bottled water to food banks, hospitals, front-line workers, and other members of the community.

We are grateful to the many environmental experts and others in the Government of Ontario for their thorough, science-based review of BlueTriton’s operations. After more than three years of exhaustive studies by the government and third-party experts, the Environment Ministry’s technical review reaffirmed “there are no unacceptable long-term or short-term effects” from our operations, including “impacts to existing water users or the environment.”

Finally, we applaud the Ministry’s extensive public outreach conducted as part of the review process and welcome the government’s introduction of strengthened oversight provisions that include “strict conditions and safeguards” to protect existing water users and the natural environment. These are important tools to help ensure environmental sustainability and are essential to maintaining and enhancing public trust in our industry and its regulators.

For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Kerr
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M: 416-779-7921

(Please note: Quotations in this document denote text from the two ministry decisions.)