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Healthy Hydration

What We're Doing Today

We recently introduced the Nestle Pure Life Healthy Hydration Movement to help families continue to make healthy choices when it comes to their beverages.

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Water for health

In the past 40 years, calories per capita from beverages have doubled to 226 daily. Indeed, half the calories that Canadians have added to their diets are coming from beverages. Today, Canadians are facing an obesity epidemic that threatens to reduce life expectancy and increase healthcare costs.

Nestlé Waters Canada is committed to raising awareness and providing access to great tasting, high quality water through a wide variety of outlets. We often provide water at “high thirst” events from marathons and professional sporting events to local fairs, schools, and other community programs.

Moving Forward

We're committed to conducting our business in a way that is environmentally responsible and mindful of water and other natural resources we all depend on. We're focused on advancing our commitment to providing access to safe, clean water.

Nestlé’s pledge to your health

We deliver on our promise to creating shared value by supporting healthy living. Striving to be the very best Nutrition, Health, and Wellness company, we provide a variety of portion- and calorie-controlled meals, low fat offerings, and whole grain products that taste good. We are committed to reducing sugar and sodium in many of our products, and we provide easy-to-understand nutritional information to help our consumers make smart choices.

Advocate for water as essential to human and environmental health

Today, we get twice the calories from beverages as a generation ago. In light of the growing obesity and diabetes epidemics, promoting healthy hydration is critical. We are also educating young people through school programs about water stewardship.

Learn about our work promoting healthy hydration and our water stewardship education programs.