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Water Donations     

We believe access to clean, safe drinking water is a fundamental human right. We know that after a disaster, when people may lose that access, we have a role to play and no time to waste. That is why we are committed to providing water to communities in need during times of extreme weather events and emergencies.

Since the start of the pandemic we have donated over 2 million bottles of water to front line health care workers, emergency services, homeless and underserved communities.   Under regular circumstances, annually, we donate over 1,000,000 bottles of water to disaster relief efforts, fire and emergency services, and charitable organization and events. Upon news that a community within Wellington County was under a boil water advisory due to flooding, several employees from head office and our factory volunteered their time and vehicles to deliver water.

In 2017 alone, we donated upwards of 650,000 bottles of water to fire and flood relief efforts in British Columbia. In 2018, we sent truckloads of water to the flood relief efforts in New Brunswick.

Our Partners

Canadian Red Cross

Through our disaster relief partners, namely the Canadian Red Cross, direct donated bottled water to the communities in crisis. Most water donations and other on-the-ground assistance is coordinated through the Canadian Red Cross.

Engage and Change, Project Water

We have been proud supporters of Project Water, led by Engage and Change, for 15 years. Project Water was born in response to the fact that more homeless people die from dehydration in the summer than from exposure in the winter. Every year, hundreds of volunteers and businesses donate their time and support to bring clean drinking water and other basic survival necessities to homeless people in Toronto since 1999.

For Project Water 2020, over 300,000 bottles of water and 3,000 summer survival kits were distributed to over 150 non-profit agencies, homeless shelters, outreach programs, and drop-ins in Toronto and the GTA.

Parkview Street Mission

For the past 14 years every Wednesday and Sunday night, Parkview Street Mission sets up tables at the Hamilton Urban Core to redistribute food and clothing to more than 100 homeless, low-income families, and working poor, reaching about 1,000 people every month. They are committed to helping those within their community and providing healthy meals and support to those who need it.

“We are so grateful for Nestlé Waters’ recent donation of two skids of bottled water to support our Street Mission. The people we serve with a variety of nutritious food and water right on the streets of downtown Hamilton are severely marginalized and your healthy hydration is vital to them.  Thank you for making a significant impact on their lives. On behalf of them we appreciate it so much. We look forward to an ongoing partnership with you.” - Pastor Jon Huxtable, Parkview Church, Street Mission Community