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Community Partnerships

At BlueTriton Brands, we are committed to helping the communities in which we operate thrive and become more resilient. We make this commitment because we believe that if we work in partnership with people in the communities where we operate, we will create and maintain the environmental, social and economic value of each community. That means communities are more resilient and prosperous.

To best serve the communities where we live and operate, we recognize the value in listening to community members and being accessible to address their questions or concerns. That is why we regularly invite community members to tour our facilities and participate in regional open houses; we want them to understand the nature of our business and answer any questions they may have.

We are proud to partner with many great organizations who work to create value in their communities.

Hear from some of our partners

Puslinch Minor Soccer Club
“Nestlé has been a most generous and supportive community partner of Puslinch Minor Soccer Club for many years. Nestlé employees genuinely care about the youth of our community and their personnel connect with our club on a regular basis to ensure our financial and water needs are being met for events and teams throughout each season. We are grateful for their support and contributions!”
- Krista Godinho, Vice-President, Puslinch Minor Soccer Club

Aberfoyle Agricultural Society
"The Aberfoyle Agricultural Society is very appreciative of Nestle Waters support through their annual financial donation and donations of water and products to our Aberfoyle Fall Fair."
- Presidents and Directors of Aberfoyle Agricultural Society

Friends of Mill Creek
"The Friends of Mill Creek are very appreciative of the support provided by Nestlé Waters both through their generous financial contribution to the Mill Creek Stewardship Ranger Program and through their continuous active participation as a member of the organization.”
- Don McKay, President Friends of Mill Creek

Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market Association
“The Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market Association (AFMA) appreciates the generous support provided by Nestlé over the years. Our Saturday market venue doesn’t have a potable source of water and Nestlé graciously fills the gap by donating bottled water for all to enjoy. Nestlé has also donated high visibility road signs to help the AFMA attract new customers and visitors to our local market. Thank you!”
– The 2019 AFMA Board

Erin Arts Foundation and Century Church Theatre
On behalf of the Erin Arts Foundation and Century Church Theatre I’d like to express our thanks for a grant from Nestle Water, which enabled us to purchase 6 new, sophisticated LED lighting instruments. Installed in the Hillsburgh theatre, each is capable of projecting any colour in the spectrum, greatly adding to our theatre productions, and helping us to become more energy-efficient.
– Neville Worsnop, Century Church Theatre

Project FoodChain
We cannot thank BlueTriton Canada enough for your extraordinary generosity by providing Project FoodChain with more than 380,000 bottles of water for un-housed and income-insecure people across the City during the pandemic.  This precious gift of water, at a time when access has been severely curtailed due to pandemic lockdowns, has been quite literally, lifesaving. We are so grateful for your tremendous gift and are excited to continue this important work with BlueTriton Canada in the months ahead.
– Kate Hanley and Melissa Hall, Founders, Project FoodChain

Hope Mountain Centre
Over the past 10 years, Nestlé Waters’ and now BlueTriton sponsorship totaling $175,165 has helped fund several programs at the Hope Mountain Centre. These educational programs about our Wetlands and Watersheds are jointly developed by Fraser Cascade School District and the Centre, combining both classroom and field trip experiential learning. Fun, hands-on activities, led by Outdoor Education experts, give young students the opportunity to learn while in nature, gaining a better understanding of their local ecosystems.
– Michele Drummond, Board Chair, Hope Mountain Centre