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Bottled Waters with Distinctive Tastes and Heritage

Our company history starts in 1970, with one brand that launched a generation of bottled water drinkers, Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water. As bottled water became the beverage of choice for active, health-minded individuals, we sought to bring together quality regional bottlers to meet that demand. Pure Life® is the number one bottled water brand in Canada. Pure Life® is the largest bottled water brand and the third largest brand in the total beverage category. With each of our brands, we're continuing our efforts to make sure the message gets out that our commitment to quality water makes all the difference.

Pure Life®

Pure Life® Sparkling

Splash Natural Fruit Flavored Water Beverage

The Nestlé Brands

Our brands are a strategic asset. They originated in the global need for a safe family drinking water with a pleasant taste, affordable price and tailored to local preferences. This need gave rise to a new multi-site production process for bottled water based on a simple idea: a single brand of water produced at a variety of sites, thus reducing costly logistical, warehousing and transport constraints – which are particularly high in the bottled water sector – enabling consumers to enjoy the products at a more attractive price under a strong brand identity.

The Value of our Brands

Our brand excellence comes from a commitment to expert source water management and a rigorous quality assurance process. You can be confident in the safety of our bottled water products because they meet or exceed all national and provincial regulatory requirements for bottled water. See the Environmental Stewardship section on Our Sources for detailed information.

Our spring water products come from spring sources that are honoured for their natural features and good-tasting water.

Our brands are available in just about every size, in sparkling or non-sparkling varieties, and just about every place imaginable – from urban hot dog vendors to grocery chains, convenience stores, fine-dining restaurants, stadiums and amusement parks – everywhere in Canada.