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We're committed to creating value for our consumers, communities and employees, and contributing broadly to local economies.

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Brand Taste and Trust Ranking

It's important to us to offer great-tasting, high-quality bottled water products. It's just as important to provide a brand our consumers trust. Good taste and trust go hand in hand. Pure Life® ranks number one in terms of taste, trust and multiple other measures when tested against other Canadian bottled water companies' brands.

Ranking by Brand Attribute:

Excellent Tasting #1
Pure Water from a Natural Spring #1
Very High Quality #1
Brand You Trust #1
Good Value #1
Image You Like #1
Helps Me Live a Healthy Life #1
Cares for the Environment #1

Average Rating: 36% higher than the next-closest brand.

Source: FRC Research Corp., Q2 2012 study